December 6 2017: ROBBINS, David



David Robbins, a St. Mary’s College of Maryland Seahawk, passed away peacefully at his Rockville home on November 30, 2017. He is survived by his loving mother, Christiane, and his devoted sister, Gabrielle and her boyfriend Austin Larson, as well as the love of his life, Alicia O’Neil. David is also survived by his loving circle of family and friends including his best friend, Alex Le.

David is preceded in death by his loving and loveable father, Craig Robbins, who nicknamed David buddy-boy.

David was born on March 22, 1999 in Bethesda, Maryland to parents, Craig Sinclair Robbins and Christiane Marie Robbins. David’s family moved to Scottsdale, Arizona, in 2003. The family returned to Maryland in 2010, first settling in Olney, Maryland, and then moving to Rockville in 2013. At an early age, David loved to play outside at the park close to his Scottsdale home, and to frighten his mom by jumping headlong into the pool before he had learned to swim. With a wink and a grin, young David shined as a student not just at school, but as a faithful Beatles fan, like his father before him. He and Gabrielle memorized songs on every album to sing together. Bilingual from the day he learned his first words, David spoke German with his mom at home.

Playing basketball since the day he could walk, David spent free time in his early years in the front yard driveway shooting hoops for hours on end. On competitive teams in Arizona, David was fearless and aggressive on the court, and a great, loyal teammate. Later, as a serious middle school athlete, David played with AAU Basketball team, “The Classics” under Coach Dale. In high school, David played basketball for four years — two years on the JV team and two years on the varsity team at Rockville High School. David’s Rockville coach observed that David knew the game of basketball as well as any instructor, and knew the true meaning of team as a player and as a captain.

In middle school, David received one of Boy Scout’s highest accolades, Scouting’s National Honor Society Order of the Arrow. Only scouts who best exemplify the Scout Oath are admitted into this brotherhood. As initiation into the Order, David had to complete an Ordeal, an overnight campout with physical and mental challenges, with only sparse food provided. His mom recalls that this weekend was the one time David ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich — and enjoyed it! After earning the Order, however, David did reward himself with his favorite Chipotle burrito, which includes, in order of priority, the following ingredients: white rice, steak, corn, sour cream, cheese, lettuce!

David graduated with an International Baccalaureate Diploma in June of 2017 from Rockville High School, never allowing the diagnosis of osteosarcoma to stop his rigorous schooling. Skyping into class from the hospital, and meeting with teachers after school or at his home, David politely insisted on maintaining excellence in his learning, and consequently won the hearts of his teachers. Earning high marks in his math studies and calculus class, David scored a 7 on his IB math exam, with only one other student the same year. The way David stretched his understanding in spite of his illness helped to remind his instructors that students like David make teaching worthwhile. His hard work paid off, as David received numerous college scholarships, and was admitted to St. Mary’s College of Maryland for the freshman class of 2017.

The jewel in his life was Alicia. Kind and devoted to her, David fell in love with Alicia their junior year at Rockville. Holding hands in the hallway, giggling endlessly, taking drives in David’s Kia, camping with her family, and helping each other through their studies, Alicia and David had eyes only for each other. In David’s senior year, David and Alicia were crowned prom king and queen. Alicia held David’s hand through surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation. She was a comfort to David and she crowned her love for him with her gentle kindness and easy sense of humor.

An avid Phoenix Suns fan, one of the highlights of the last few months for David, was when he went to the Suns/Wizards game in D.C. with Alicia and his best friend, Alex. The Suns beat the Washington Wizards, and David and Alex screamed with delight at the come-from-behind win. A sassy and passionate fan, as well as a chatterbox, David was sure to let Wizards fans know that his Suns won the day. Not one to hide his emotions, David, like his father, Craig, wore his feelings on his sleeve.

Above all, those who knew David best, describe him as unwaveringly loyal to those he loved. Whether David was tasked, as Dog-uncle, with taking Gabrielle’s sick puppy to the veterinarian, or tasked with motivating his basketball team at the end of the fourth quarter, or tasked, as an Eagle Scout, with crafting care bags for sick children, David never faltered, and strove to exceed the expectations of his family, friends, teachers, and coaches. Faithful, and forever flying over us all now, David will always be a Seahawk, someone to look up to.

A memorial service for David will be held on Saturday Dec 9, at 2 pm at Christ Episcopal Church in Kensington, Maryland. A reception will immediately follow in the lower level of the Church. In lieu of flowers donations can be made in memory of David to Children’s Cancer Research Fund.

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