November 6 2017: CAO, Thế Dung Joseph

GS Cao The Dung

CAO, Thế Dung Joseph

Joseph Cao Thế Dung passed away on Tuesday, October 31, 2017 due to complications from kidney failure. Mr. Cao was born on November 28, 1933.  The eldest son of Cao Văn Thức and Chu Thị Huệ, he grew up in the ancient village of Thi Chau, Nam Dịnh Province, in Vietnam.  He was orphaned at the age of nine, but with the care and support of his adopted aunt, he continued his academic pursuits to become a teacher, and later, a university professor. In 1975, Mr. Cao, his wife and five children escaped the fall of South Vietnam by boat and were rescued by an American naval ship.  The family was brought to a refugee camp in Guam and then to Fort Chaffee, Arkansas.  They were sponsored by a group of families from Christ the King Catholic Church, whose kindness and generosity helped the Cao family resettle in Silver Spring, Maryland. Cao Thế Dung was a prolific writer and journalist.  He wrote and published over 14 books on Vietnamese history, culture and politics.  His last work was the four-volume chronicle, History of Vietnamese Catholicism (1553 – 2000).  On a weekly basis, he contributed articles and columns to newspapers and magazines throughout the United States and Canada.   He was a talented and charismatic speaker, frequently invited to give lectures and talks throughout the world. Mr. Cao was a recipient of a Ford Foundation Fellowship.  He earned his doctorate degree in 1985.  Although he was often found researching in the special stacks of the U.S. Library of Congress, many of his credentials were amassed through interviews conducted in national and international travels. Mr. Cao’s passion was having paper and pen in hand.  He prized his collection of books, but in his latter years, he often confided that his greatest joy, accomplishment and treasure were his family, particularly his grandchildren.  He credited everything to God’s grace and divine providence. Mr. Cao Thế Dung is survived by his beloved wife of 58 years, Anne Lê Thị Kim Oanh; his younger brother, Cao Thế Song and his family; his five children and their spouses, Huong Cao Tran & Thang Tran, Trang Cao (deceased), San Cao & Lan Dang, Chuong Cao & Phuong-Dai Nguyen and An Cao & Mai Le-Cao; his sixteen cherished grandchildren, Kim Anh, Viet Van, Viet An, Quy,  Marcel, Thai Binh, Xuan Anh, Xuan Thi, Hoang-Thien (Ty), Lien-Dai, Hoang-My, Hoang-Van, Hoang-Viet, Hoang-Thuan, Hoang-Kiet and Mai Lien; and his much adored great-granddaughter, Aivy. Please join us in prayer and celebration of his life.



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